– “Zumarte Txiki” small Choir (for between 6-8 years old)

– “Zumarte Abesbatza” Choir (for between 8-16 years old)

– “Zumarte Gazte” young Choir (for young over 16 years old)


– Trikitixa Ensemble

– Trikitixa-Pandero Ensemble

– Txistulari Ensemble

– Wind Ensemble

– Ska Group

– Guitar Ensemble

– Instrument Group

– Flutae-Violin Ensemble

– Keyboard Ensemble

All these groups participate in the concerts in honour of Saint Cecilia, Christmas, the week of Soinurbil and pedagogical concerts that are organized in the town. They participate too in Exchange concerts with schools of music from other towns (Basque and foreign towns), the concerts at the end of the academic year and Zumarte’s small chamber concerts. They also perform at fiestas and different events that are organized in the town.

Moreover, the different groups involved in Instrumental competitions, achieve good results every year.

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